HTML5 video issues on the iPad and how to solve them

I’ve been delaying this post since I wrote a rant about the iPad. The delay is mainly because I never found time to create sample files or record screencasts showing the bugs so I decided to publish it without any working examples since I don’t think I will have enough time or patience to isolate the problems and document it anytime soon, so you will have to believe that what I’m saying “is true” and that the bugs exist… Think of it as a reference in case you have any of those issues and not as a definitive way of making those things work, some bugs are only present on older versions of iOS and may not be easy to replicate. I’m sure I will leave a lot of important stuff behind but at least I’ll try to cover some bugs and how I solved them. I will try to be brief.
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iPad is the new IE6

Imagine you are working on a project targeted for the iPad, Chrome and Safari that should contain an interactive HTML5 video… Design and feature-wise the project seems pretty simple and since you assume that the newest Webkit browsers have a good support for CSS3/HTML5/JavaScript (and Steve Jobs says it’s “amazing”) you shouldn’t have any issues building it, especially since you have coded many video players and interactive videos using Flash before and you are pretty experienced with HTML/JS projects and have used HTML5 video and CSS transitions/animations on a couple other projects.. A couple weeks of development should be fine… – Now you have a big problem.
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