Static Site Generators

Yes, they are popular; Yes, there are hundreds of implementations; Yes, they all suck; Yes, this is sort of a rant; Yes, I also wrote a few static site generators before; Yes, I have this opinion for a while; Yes, a lot of people will disagree…

Since my goal with this post is to question the current trend towards static site generators, lets start with a bold a statement: PHP is the best static site generator that you can get.

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My jQuery Wish List

Haters gonna hate but I’ve been delaying for too long to write this one. Since the jQuery team is working to get the version 2.0 out of the door and Christmas is coming it might be a good time to talk about it. Please don’t add comments like “use framework/library X instead!”, the question here is not about which framework/library is better but about things that I think could be improved.

I know that jQuery 2.0 will have the same API as 1.9, this wishlist would be for a future version of jQuery that doesn’t need to be backwards compatible (call it jQuery Harmony or jQuery 3.0 if you will).

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Node.js, Ant, Grunt and other build tools

I started using node.js to write build scripts since last year and even wrote a post about it before. The main reason why I decided to write my build scripts in plain JS is because I want them to be flexible and easy to edit. (Use the language you and your team are familiar with).

On this post I will try to cover some issues and the main reason why I’m not using a tool like grunt, buildr.npm, smoosh and gear on my projects. I’ll focus on Grunt since it is the most popular node.js build tool out there but the issues are present on other build tools as well (written in JS or not).

A couple days ago I sent a few tweets about it:

TL;DR; Build scripts should be real scripts and not configuration files.

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Unsolved HTML5 video issues on iOS

On my last post I focused on issues that I’ve found a solution, this one is going to be about bugs and issues that I couldn’t find a solution and/or things that are impossible to do on the iPhone and iPad. It is important to note that I didn’t spent too much time searching or trying to find solutions for each problem but I consider most of them to be impossible to solve without a new OS release…
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iPad is the new IE6

Imagine you are working on a project targeted for the iPad, Chrome and Safari that should contain an interactive HTML5 video… Design and feature-wise the project seems pretty simple and since you assume that the newest Webkit browsers have a good support for CSS3/HTML5/JavaScript (and Steve Jobs says it’s “amazing”) you shouldn’t have any issues building it, especially since you have coded many video players and interactive videos using Flash before and you are pretty experienced with HTML/JS projects and have used HTML5 video and CSS transitions/animations on a couple other projects.. A couple weeks of development should be fine… – Now you have a big problem.
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