Naming methods, properties and objects

Clear and descriptive names can increase a lot the readability and the understanding of a certain API or application, in some cases it can be a decisive factor on the success of a project.

I will share a few rules that I started following on the past years after reading many books and blogs about development, discussing with co-workers about it and mostly by experience. Most of the rules may seem dumb/obvious to a seasoned developer, but it is really impressive how many APIs from well-known libraries commit some huge mistakes and I think that a lot of people still don’t care about it as much as they should… I try to follow these rules as much as possible since I believe they contribute a lot for the quality and maintainability of my code but some people may not agree with my naming conventions and sometimes rules should be bent[1] or even ignored, take it as an advice not as a something “set in stone”.

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Inline documentation, why I’m ditching it

I know this subject is controversial but I have to say it…

I started using JavaDoc-style documentation since FlashDevelop and FDT use it for code hinting and it used to help me a lot, but since nowadays I’m coding way more JavaScript and the editors I use don’t support JSDoc I don’t think it pays-off…
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Why most JS devs don’t understand OOP

I don’t remember exactly when I had this “insight” but it was probably 1-2yrs ago, not really groundbreaking but may help some people see things with a different perspective…

Front-end JavaScript developers usually have a hard time trying to understand how Object Oriented Programming (OOP) works and how they can apply it to their work. I’ve seen some people saying that it’s because of the way prototypical inheritance works but I don’t think it is the main reason for that.
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Invest early, invest often

The things I’m going to say are not directly related with development or design but can be applied on these contexts as well… I’m not an expert on this subject and I’m not even the best example to be followed, the main reason to be writing this post is exactly to remind myself that I could be doing it way better than I’m doing right now, I’ve missed the opportunity to make some extra money because of laziness, dumbness and negligence on the past couple years even knowing these things and investing for a long time.. nothing groundbreaking but hard to put in practice and stick with it…
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Be ready for the “war”

(This is just a reminder to myself and not something new and/or groundbreaking)

One thing that I’ve been doing for a long time is preparing myself, kind like soldiers do, training every single day without ever knowing if one day I will really use what I learned or do what I’ve trained for… - following a lot of blogs, reading many books, trying to write better/cleaner code and create better designs each day, trying different methodologies, researching about different subjects, etc..

I don’t know what I’m preparing myself for yet, but I know that all the knowledge and experience may become handy in the future and may make me see things with a different perspective… - so far I think it’s been working pretty well.

“Luck is to be prepared when the opportunity shows up” - unknown author

Train even if you don’t have a real reason/goal for it, it’s better to be ready when the opportunity/problem shows up than to be sorry.

That’s it!