RequireJS plugins

One of the greatest advantages of the AMD module format over the other standards is that it supports loader plugins, which can be used to load other kinds of resources besides JavaScript, it can be a really useful feature and a nice way to abstract some simple behavior, it increases the loader flexibility a lot…

I just pushed to Github all my RequireJS plugins - if you don’t know it yet, RequireJS is an awesome script loader which can improve code organization a lot if used properly - so far I have plugins for loading images, JSON files (automatically parses JSON response), JSONP / asynchronous scripts (like Google Maps) and also script files without appending the “.js” file extension (useful for dynamic scripts). I will create new plugins as needed.

Watch the project on Github & fork it. Please use the Github issues to report bugs and also for features request.



statline : Improved Vim statusline

I switched to Vim a few months ago and been reading other peoples’ settings and trying to customize it to my needs since then. Yesterday I couldn’t sleep so I decided to write my first simple “plugin” (not really a plugin, just a few settings..), it adds some cool/useful features to the vim statusline.

Here is a basic screenshot:

One of the advantages is that it adapts to the color scheme without needing any extra settings (but you can customize it easily if needed). The source code have enough comments and is split into individual blocks making it easy to add/remove things if you need. It also checks for trailing white spaces and mixed indention. (optional)

For more info check the project repository on Github and read the documentation. Please report bugs and feature requests though github issues.

That’s it!