AMD-Utils: Math Utilities

This post was going to be about the Math utilities present on AMD-Utils. Some of them are essential to my day-to-day work and simplify the code structure a lot.

I was going to explain how to use them (which is very easy) but most importantly, why they are useful and when to use them. But instead of publishing it as a post I decided to update the docs and add all the info there so everything is centralized.

I recommend that you try to understand these methods and which kind of problems they try to solve. They are all very trivial to implement but of an extreme usefulness depending on the kind of project you are building. I also think that some of them changed the way I approach some kinds of problems. I use them so much that it’s hard to imagine coding something complex without something similar (I coded the methods clamp/loop/lerp/norm a million times).

So jump over to the docs and understand how to (ab)use these helpers. Even if you are not using amd-utils you can check the source code and implement it by yourself or extract the methods. Most of them are common knowledge but I feel that not that many people know how to use them properly or outside of the regular context, that’s why I thought some explanation would be helpful.

Docs: http://millermedeiros.github.com/amd-utils/math.html


Generating “non-biased” random integers

If you know Number Theory or had algorithms classes in college you can probably skip this post… - I studied Graphic Design so I had to learn those things by myself - I will try to explain it using as less math as possible.. I know there is a lot of info about this subject on the internet and algorithms books but today I spent a couple minutes searching for it and most of them are too hard to understand if you are not a mathematician (which BTW I’m not..) so after giving up on the hard reading I decided to come up with my own solution to the problem, it may not be most elegant solution but it is at least a logical solution and results are acceptable.

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