JS-Signals: Custom event/messaging system for JavaScript

I’ve just released a new open source project called JS-Signals. It’s an event/message system similar to pub/sub and DOM2 Events but that doesn’t rely on strings to broadcast/subscribe to events, it has also some extra features that usually aren’t available on the other systems.

JS-Signals was heavily inspired by Robert Penner’s AS3-Signals but it is NOT a direct port, which means it has a different implementation and features. I’ve also stolen borrowed a few ideas from Joa Ebert fork ;).

Make sure you read the comparison between the different event systems and the usage examples.

Download it and get more info at http://millermedeiros.github.com/js-signals/.

Ideas and contributors are welcome!


A good Flash developer can’t replace a good HTML/JS developer

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about why the HTML5/JS community should respect the Flash community and it got way more attention than I expected, now I’m a little upset that I forgot to say some really important things and also because the way I wrote made some people think that Flash developers are “better” than other developers and that HTML5 is almost the same thing as Flash (both things aren’t true)

I stated that Flash developers are used to solve problems that the JS community is only starting to have, but I didn’t mentioned that the JS community is also solving issues that Flash developers never had to handle. Even though they share a few things, each technology requires a complete different set of knowledge and experience, that’s why companies usually hire different people for each position… - that’s another reason why the communities should respect each other.
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Why the HTML5/JS community should respect the Flash community

Nowadays the debate about HTML5 vs. Flash became really popular and a lot of misinformation is going on… My intention with this post is NOT to say that one technology is better than another, specially since I don’t believe that one is better than another but that they have different purposes, my idea is to show that there is a bunch of things that those communities can learn from each other… Please read the whole post before commenting. My intention is not to start a flame-war. – I’m an HTML/JS/CSS developer that happens to know Flash/AS3 too, not the opposite…

The technologies “aren’t” that different*

I think one of the main reasons why the HTML community is biased towards Flash – besides the annoying banners and “skip intro” websites – is that flash is a “closed box”, they don’t know how it works, don’t know what is inside, the source code doesn’t show up when you view the page source, a lot of people use the technology without a good reason, don’t know the pros and cons, don’t know available features, isn’t “standard”, etc… (people tend to fear/dislike what they don’t understand). Mac users also complain about the performance of full-screen video (which was improved a lot with Flash Player 10.1). I’m going to try to explain very briefly the Flash platform and to show some similarities but without getting into details about each feature (for brevity).
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zepto.js and mobile JavaScript

Ok, I know that writing this post is probably a bad idea but I will do it anyway, please note that this is my personal opinion and not from any company/client I work or worked for and that I respect other people’s opinions (that doesn’t mean I agree with them), I know that some things I’m going to write are going to sound arrogant and that some people are going to get it wrong… please try to keep your emotions aside and think rationally before getting into a conclusion and read the about page to understand the objective of this blog. I don’t want to start a flame war and remember that every person/project has different needs, my perspective and the kind of stuff I’m currently building may be completely different from your needs/desires/preferences… Having that said….

Starting from the beginning

I had plans to do something similar for while, was just starting a new mobile project that would require some basic JavaScript and since I saw that Thomas Fuchs was starting to do it too I thought that “combining forces” we could build something better and I would spend less time on it, specially since everything he does get some pretty big attention on the JS community, which means more people to help.. (since time is a really scarce resource nowadays)
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The lost art of delegating click events on the iPhone

Today I saw on Peter-Paul Koch blog that event delegation for click events on <div> elements doesn’t work properly on the iPhone. Strangely enough, I’ve implemented it 4 days ago (as you can see on this commit) without ever experiencing any kind of problem, that made me insanely curious/scared, specially since I wasn’t doing anything special/different than him and I couldn’t understand what I was doing right/wrong…
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