A good Flash developer can’t replace a good HTML/JS developer

A couple weeks ago I wrote a post about why the HTML5/JS community should respect the Flash community and it got way more attention than I expected, now I’m a little upset that I forgot to say some really important things and also because the way I wrote made some people think that Flash developers are “better” than other developers and that HTML5 is almost the same thing as Flash (both things aren’t true)

I stated that Flash developers are used to solve problems that the JS community is only starting to have, but I didn’t mentioned that the JS community is also solving issues that Flash developers never had to handle. Even though they share a few things, each technology requires a complete different set of knowledge and experience, that’s why companies usually hire different people for each position… - that’s another reason why the communities should respect each other.
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Why the HTML5/JS community should respect the Flash community

Nowadays the debate about HTML5 vs. Flash became really popular and a lot of misinformation is going on… My intention with this post is NOT to say that one technology is better than another, specially since I don’t believe that one is better than another but that they have different purposes, my idea is to show that there is a bunch of things that those communities can learn from each other… Please read the whole post before commenting. My intention is not to start a flame-war. – I’m an HTML/JS/CSS developer that happens to know Flash/AS3 too, not the opposite…

The technologies “aren’t” that different*

I think one of the main reasons why the HTML community is biased towards Flash – besides the annoying banners and “skip intro” websites – is that flash is a “closed box”, they don’t know how it works, don’t know what is inside, the source code doesn’t show up when you view the page source, a lot of people use the technology without a good reason, don’t know the pros and cons, don’t know available features, isn’t “standard”, etc… (people tend to fear/dislike what they don’t understand). Mac users also complain about the performance of full-screen video (which was improved a lot with Flash Player 10.1). I’m going to try to explain very briefly the Flash platform and to show some similarities but without getting into details about each feature (for brevity).
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Converting SVG to FIVe3D, Flash Vector Graphics and HTML5 canvas

3d vector tiger

This post is being delayed forever since I was planning to improve my SVG parser but finally I decided to release it since I don’t have plans to work on it anymore.. the basic functionalities are working since July 2009 and I abandoned the project for a while just going back to it a couple months ago when I finally decided to fix a few bugs and add the option to export HTML5 Canvas and Flash AS3 drawing commands… so let’s explain how it all started.
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Flash Websites

I’ve seen many blogs and many people (usually people that hates Flash) telling that search engines can’t index content inside Flash movies and that Flash websites can never rank high, and that’s not true at all.
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