Stop writing plugins, start writing components

Why the fuck is that a jQuery Plugin?I’ve been doing a lot of JavaScript development lately and one thing that always bothered me is that most of the people misunderstand the plugin concept and uses it on the wrong way. In my opinion, the main reason is because JavaScript frameworks/libraries like jQuery, Mootools, Prototype.js and blog/CMS systems like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal encourages plugin development… – Let’s start with the basics…

What is a plug-in?

In computing, a plug-in is a set of software components that adds specific capabilities to a larger software application. If supported, plug-ins enable customizing the functionality of an application. For example, plug-ins are commonly used in web browsers to play video, scan for viruses, and display new file types. (source: Wikipedia)

What is a component?

A component in the Unified Modeling Language “represents a modular part of a system, that encapsulates its content and whose manifestation is replaceable within its environment. A component defines its behavior in terms of provided and required interfaces” (source: Wikipedia)

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PHP < 5.3 – Lazy Singleton Class

I’ve been doing some PHP lately (and liking a lot) and one of the cool features of PHP5 comparing to Actionscript3 is that you can have private constructors, which means that it’s really easy to create “real static classes” and singletons without hacks!
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