Death of RSS and rise of sensationalist headlines

I have no data to backup my theory; it’s just a trend that I observed in the past years. The amount of headlines like “10 places you should visit before you die”, “15 best jQuery plugins of the year”, “best video you will watch today” keeps increasing; I blame the rise of social media and the death of RSS readers.

It’s sad to admit it; but if a headline isn’t sensationalist, the likelihood of someone reading it and sharing it, is not as high.

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Being a noob

I have no idea what I am doing

I was reading some of my old blog posts, and also some code that I wrote during the past few years, and it’s really hard to not notice that I was a total noob.

Don’t call it Impostor Syndrome, I’m talking about a different feeling. It’s more a realization that over the past few years I improved A LOT, both my writing and coding skills. Nowadays I can spot mistakes and misconceptions that I couldn’t see before. It’s also important to remind that being a noob is totally subjective and that there are different levels of noobness.

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Static Site Generators

Yes, they are popular; Yes, there are hundreds of implementations; Yes, they all suck; Yes, this is sort of a rant; Yes, I also wrote a few static site generators before; Yes, I have this opinion for a while; Yes, a lot of people will disagree…

Since my goal with this post is to question the current trend towards static site generators, lets start with a bold a statement: PHP is the best static site generator that you can get.

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Linked Lists for Dummies

On high-level languages like JavaScript we usually don’t care about how the objects are stored in the memory, we let the VM handle it for us, and since the language contains Arrays most users never find a need for Linked Lists even tho it’s a very powerful and useful data structure.

Like most front-end developers I don’t have a Computer Science degree and started to program using high level languages, it took me a while to stumble into Linked Lists, that’s why I’m going to explain the basic use cases, pros/cons of this simple data-structure and why it’s widely used. - You probably used it before without knowing.

This post was motived by this tweet:

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Improving Vim auto complete for CSS class names

Just a quick tip about Vim autocompletion.

I’ve been using the excellent SuperTab Vim Plugin for a couple years, it works reasonably well (autocompletes based on words from all buffers, file names, tags, context, etc…) but it doesn’t work really well for text that is split by dashes - CSS contains lots of these… - so I started to get frustrated with it.

You can change the auto complete behavior with set iskeyword which also changes the behavior of standard motion commands like w, e, b (it changes the word delimiters) – which a find a PITA since I got used to these motions. My quick and dirty solution to the problem was to keep iskeyword with the minimal value as possible and only change it during InsertEnter. That way I can still use cw, ve, db to edit each fragment, autocomplete will work properly for words like foo-bar__baz, and you can still use W, B and E if you want to quickly jump around. For me that’s the best of both worlds!

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