Converting SVG to FIVe3D, Flash Vector Graphics and HTML5 canvas

3d vector tiger

This post is being delayed forever since I was planning to improve my SVG parser but finally I decided to release it since I don’t have plans to work on it anymore.. the basic functionalities are working since July 2009 and I abandoned the project for a while just going back to it a couple months ago when I finally decided to fix a few bugs and add the option to export HTML5 Canvas and Flash AS3 drawing commands… so let’s explain how it all started.
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PHP < 5.3 – Lazy Singleton Class

I’ve been doing some PHP lately (and liking a lot) and one of the cool features of PHP5 comparing to Actionscript3 is that you can have private constructors, which means that it’s really easy to create “real static classes” and singletons without hacks!
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Eclipse Monkey: extend Aptana and Eclipse functionalities using JavaScript

I’ve been using Eclipse for almost all my coding using Aptana (PHP/JS/CSS/HTML) and FDT (AS3) plugins and one feature that it’s being really useful for me is the ability to code my own scripts to do specific tasks and to be able to extend Eclipse native features when I need using JavaScript! It’s all possible because of the Eclipse Monkey plugin.


added 02/18/2010
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Flash Websites

I’ve seen many blogs and many people (usually people that hates Flash) telling that search engines can’t index content inside Flash movies and that Flash websites can never rank high, and that’s not true at all.
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Hello world!

This is the first post and I want talk a little bit about the history of this blog…

It all started 3 years ago when I had “the brilliant idea” of creating a blog to talk about design and development, like everybody else. I’ve created many different designs and also started to code it a few times since then.
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