Hello world!

This is the first post and I want talk a little bit about the history of this blog…

It all started 3 years ago when I had “the brilliant idea” of creating a blog to talk about design and development, like everybody else. I’ve created many different designs and also started to code it a few times since then.

The last time that I designed it and started coding (beginning of 2009) I got really pissed with WordPress, then I decided to try Chyrp and when I was on the middle of the process I decided to throw everything away and code it from “scratch” using CodeIgniter – not really from scratch since I was using a framework, but anyway… – when I was almost finishing it, I got really busy with other stuff and I abandoned the project again.

Now, after almost 1 year, I decided to design something really quick (and that was easy to code) to at least have some place to post my thoughts about random stuffs… – after all this delay, this blog was designed and developed in only 1 day using WordPress and I’m still frustrated with it and I still want to code a blog system from scratch without using any third party code, I love reinventing the wheel and I hate to use bloated things when I only need the basics, some day I will write a post about why I don’t like WordPress and some other tools that are very popular…

I plan to talk about design and development and share some things that I’ve learned/discovered over the time and also what I think about random topics. I also plan to say some bullsh*t sometimes just to be a moron.

Note to myself: Don’t over-complicate things, It’s better to have something that it’s not exactly what you wanted/planned, than to not have anything.

That’s it!

P.S.: my English sucks but I’ll try to improve it over the time, It’s not my native language and I’m not used to write in any language… I hope you understand.


Cool Man. Keep on running, we'll be watching. :)

Filipe Trindade

Já tentou o Posterous ou o Tumblr? Ambos são bem simples e você pode usá-los com o seu domínio.

é Filipe, os dois são bem simples de usar e de customizar o template (wordpress também é) mas eu vou acabar fazendo um sistema do zero mesmo se tiver tempo, quero algo mais específico e odeio quando ferramentas fazem mais do que deveriam ou quando você precisa fazer algo que sai do padrão e não é possível sem editar o código fonte da ferramenta. (o código fonte do wordpress é um caos e o sistema de themes/plugins te engessa muito..)

se eu não tivesse em mente algo específico e altamente customizável eu usaria o Tumblr com certeza (se fosse postar apenas texto e imagem).


Looking forward to more entries, Miller. Knowing you from when we worked together, I'm sure it'll be top notch quality.