Eclipse Monkey: extend Aptana and Eclipse functionalities using JavaScript

I’ve been using Eclipse for almost all my coding using Aptana (PHP/JS/CSS/HTML) and FDT (AS3) plugins and one feature that it’s being really useful for me is the ability to code my own scripts to do specific tasks and to be able to extend Eclipse native features when I need using JavaScript! It’s all possible because of the Eclipse Monkey plugin.


added 02/18/2010

How to install Eclipse Monkey

Eclipse Monkey comes pre-installed with Aptana, but in case you don’t have it just follow these steps:

Using the Scripts Panel

After installing Eclipse Monkey you should see a new item called “Scripts” on the Eclipse menu and also have a new view called “Scripts” (Window -> Show View -> Other… -> Scripts) and you are ready to start scripting.

Downloading my custom scripts

I’ve created a repository with all my custom scripts on GitHub: http://github.com/millermedeiros/eclipse_monkey_scripts, fell free to fork it and share your own scripts.

Installing the scripts (added 2010/09/08)

There are two methods to install Eclipse Monkey scripts into Eclipse, my favorite one is to create an empty project and create a new folder named scripts or monkey and place all the eclipse monkey scripts inside that folder, as long as the project is opened you will be able to use the scripts. The other option is to paste scripts from the clipboard but that usually takes some extra steps and I don’t recommend using it.

If the script doesn’t show up automatically open the scripts panel and press the refresh icon, if it doesn’t work make sure you open the project explorer panel and refresh it too.

Learn more about it

Eclipse Monkey is currently archived due to lack of project commiters so it’s not easy to find more information about it, I’ve already added all good resources about it that I know, editing my scripts and the sample scripts that comes with Aptana is a good start point.

I hope it’s useful for someone, it’s saving me a lot of time (specially when I’m updating content on XML/HTML files), I will keep publishing my Eclipse Monkey scripts to github, so watch it!

That’s it!


Thanks for the effort. Vere I learn and draw from all this. Try to do something to insert snippets using the tab to TextMate: P

(via google translator.) xD

http://download.eclipse.org/technology/dash/update/. link is not working, do you know where i can get the eclipse monkey? Thanks Rasanga

It seems that they deleted the project at the beginning of this year... I had to re-install Aptana and lost Eclipse Monkey as well, I even switched to Vim after that. I think Aptana was taking care of the Eclipse Monkey project but they replaced Eclipse Monkey with the Bundles menu (which uses TextMate bundles written in Ruby).