The Blog

This blog will be mainly dedicated to my personal opinion about random subjects and things that I found out during my learning/work process. I believe the main focus will be around best-practices and conceptual topics about programming, don’t expect too many tutorials or experiments and expect a couple rants now and then.

Please note that my opinions change quite often based on new experiences, other peoples’ points of view, things that I’m reading or read somewhere else, time, etc… don’t take it too serious. It is not because I’m cursing something today that I couldn’t start liking/doing it in a couple months. – I will not try to push my point of view down the throat of anyone, and I hope you do the same.

Some posts will be intentionally provocative to force people to question their current practices and think if there is a different approach which might be “better” on some scenarios, don’t treat the opinions expressed on this blog as the “only truth”, understand your needs and constraints and only then decide if my advices are valid or not, in some cases I don’t even follow my own advices…

I have a long list of things that I want to talk about but it should take a long time to finish it, since there is always something new showing up and taking precedence. I will try to post at least once a month but no guarantees…

The opinions presented here doesn’t reflect the opinion of any clients or companies that I work(ed) for.

The Author

I’m Miller H. Borges Medeiros, a Brazilian Designer/Developer. I consider JavaScript and CSS as my current specialties but I also know how to code in many languages and I learn fast. I’ve been contributing to multiple open source projects, directly and indirectly, over the past years…

I’ve started making websites in 1999 for fun (really bad websites by the way) and got really passionate about it… from 1999 until 2005 I created maybe 10 websites and after that I designed/coded way more than 100 websites/applications… nowadays the websites I make don’t suck that much but there’s still a lot of things to learn and I hope I never learn it all.

Until the middle of 2009 I was doing way more design than development (worked as a full-time Designer / Art Director for a couple years) but after that I started focusing more on programming… My main goal right now is to learn as much as I can, write cleaner code at each day and maybe someday become a “good developer”…

If you want to see some of my works and know about my professional experience, visit my portfolio (very outdated, mostly design work) and my linkedin profile.

If you want to contact me send an email to [magic word]@[my domain].com, and yes magic word is “contact” and my domain is “millermedeiros”.

You can also follow me on twitter (@millermedeiros) – I post mostly about development and I try to be brief.

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