Convert YUI Test to Jasmine

I decided to port some of my old YUI Test tests to Jasmine yesterday (specifically JS-Signals and Crossroads.js tests) and realized that a big part of the process could be automated by using simple regular expressions, so I decided to create a tool to help me.

The main reason for switching from YUI Test to Jasmine was that I wanted to run the tests on node.js and also to be able to run the tests without needing an internet connection… Another reason for the switch is because I like Jasmine syntax and I think that the simple fact of describing what you want the code to do makes you think about possible edge cases.

I coded the tool very quickly just to help me on the bureaucratic process… It doesn’t do any magic but can help you to speed up the process.

You can use the tool online at: http://millermedeiros.github.com/YUI_to_Jasmine/.

Maybe it is useful to somebody else…

That’s it!


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